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Morgan County Fair Talent Contest

July 11, 2023

This year's Talent Contest will be held prior to the 65th Annual Morgan County Fair Pageant. One ticket price of $10 per person (6 and under FREE) gives admission to both events! Gate admission is not included in the ticket price.


2023 Talent Show Entry Form



2021 Talent Contest Winners


Paige Hadden, 19, of Jacksonville won the Senior Division Talent Show with a Jazz Solo. She attends Lakeland Community College. Paige was a dance at Legacy Dance and Tumbling Complex.

Lillie Brown, 12, of Jacksonville won the Junior Division Talent Show with a Lyrical Solo. She then competed at the IL State Talent Contest and received a Top 10 overall. Lillie is also 2021 Junior Miss Morgan County. Lillie is a dancer at Legacy Dance and Tumbling Complex.


Talent Contest Rules
  • If contest rules are not followed, act will be disqualified, and all awards will be forfeited.
  • All acts must provide their own musical accompaniment, if needed. Record accompaniment may be in CD or digital form using an iPod or like technology. If music does not play act will be disqualified if a 2nd copy cannot be produced in a timely manner.
  • Limit of 4 minutes per act. Set-up for acts limited to 2 minutes.
  • Like talent on recording is discouraged. (i.e., vocal, taps, or like instruments)
  • Practice time will be from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. on the day of the contest. First come first served.
  • Stage is a wood floor 15’ x 40’. A ladies dressing room is provided.
  • Judging will focus on ability, costume, audience appeal and stage presentation. Judges’ results are final.
State Contestant Rules
  • First place winners in the Junior and Senior Divisions will advance to the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs State Talent Contest (IAAF) to be held in January following the show. If the winner cannot perform or is ineligible to perform, the 2nd place winner may be invited to compete.
  • IAAF State Talent Contest fee will be provided by the Morgan County Fair Association.
  • IAAF State Talent Contest rules can be found online.
Local Contestant Rules
  • If you have won the IAAF State Talent Contest you may not compete at Morgan County in that same age division, type and grouping.
  • If you have competed at the IAAF State Talent Contest you may not compete in that same age division, type and grouping at the Morgan County Fair Talent Contest. (i.e., If you qualified and competed at State as a Jr. Division dance solo you cannot compete again in the same age division, type and grouping at a county competition. You could compete as a dance group.)
Local Rule Exception for Morgan County Residents
  • If you have won another county competition this year you may not compete.
  • Morgan County Junior and Senior Division winners cannot compete in the same age division, type and grouping the year after the win.
  • Contestants are limited to two acts. Acts must be of different types or groupings. Contestants may be limited to one act each if acts of competition exceed the limit.
  • Oldest contestant in the group decides the group’s age division.
  • This is an amateur contest. Anyone who performs regularly for pay is NOT considered an amateur.
  • No entry fee for the contest, but everyone attending will pay all gate and grandstand entry fees.
  • Show will provide sound, lighting and handheld microphones only. Acts must provide all other equipment and props.
  • All entries must be received by Friday before the show at 4:00 p.m. to enter. If the show limit as not been met the Director might allow late entries. There is a limit of acts. If the limit has been met priority with be given to Morgan County entries.
  • Liability statement: The Morgan County Fair Association, Talent Contest committee and its sponsors will not be held liable for any injury or damage to person or property that may occur during practice or competition. You practice and compete at your own risk.
Division Definition
  • Age range of competition. Two divisions are set by IAAF State Rules: Junior cannot be 15 by Oct. 1 of the competition year and Senior cannot be 21 by Oct 1 of the competition year.
Further Information
  • Contact: Kristan Becker Hoffman, Director by phone or email.
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