July 9 - 14, 2024! The Morgan Co. Fair Begins in !
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4H & 4H Alumni Livestock Auction

2024 Morgan County 4-H Alumni Auction Rules & Regulations


  1. To qualify to sell in The Morgan County 4-H Alumni Auction, exhibitors must:
  • Have successfully completed Morgan County 4-H Auction eligibility defined as: completing 4-H requirements the final year of age eligibility as defined by the 4-H program
  • Reside in Morgan County.
  • Not yet reached the age of 21 by September 1, 2023.
  • Exhibit a market animal at the 2024 Morgan County Fair.
  • Be present at the time of the sale.
  1. Auction animals are allowed, but not required, to leave the fairgrounds at the conclusion of their respective specie’s show. Auction animals MUST return to the fairgrounds by 8:00 a.m. on Monday, July 15 to be eligible to sell.
  2. Each exhibitor may enter only one (1) market animal to sell.
  3. Animals in the Morgan County 4-H Alumni Auction will sell immediately following the Morgan County 4-H Auction. Sale order will be determined by the Morgan County 4-H Alumni Auction Committee.
  4. The Morgan County 4-H Alumni Auction will utilize the average local market prices established by the Morgan County 4-H Auction Committee, which will be posted the morning of the auction.
  5. There are no weight limitations placed on any species.
  6. Buyers will have two options:
    1. Elect to keep the animal and pay the Seller the full bid price. The Buyer takes ownership of the animal upon leaving the sale ring.
    2. Elect to return the animal to the Seller and pay the difference between the bid price and the local market price. The Seller retains ownership of the animal and should be prepared to haul their animal home.
  7. The Morgan County 4-H Alumni Auction Committee will interpret the rules and answer all questions that may arise.