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4 on 4 Volleyball Tournament

Co-Ed Sand Volleyball Tournaments
July 14, 2024



$80 TEAM ENTRY FEE | FIRST PLACE: $200.00 + Team Expenses | SECOND PLACE: $100.00 + Team Expenses



  • Entries limited to the first 10 teams.
  • Must be high school age or older to play.
  • Must field 4 players and at least 2 of them must be women. 
  • Official decision is final.
  • Fighting or abusive language will not be tolerated - you will be asked to leave and could result in forfeiture of your game.
  • There will be no contact with the net or it is a side out.
  • Balls landing on the boundary lines are in play.
  • Each team will be awarded two time-outs per game.
  • All players dressed DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY in any of the games, but they will be allowed to enter the game only if the team has not made a complete rotation. Player WILL be allowed to enter the game in case of injury.
  • All teams need to be onsite and ready to play at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game. Once the preceding game has completed your match will begin immediately.
  • There will be NO REFUNDS on the entry fees.
  • Prize money based on a minimum of 8 teams entering each tournament. If fewer enter, prize money will be discussed prior to the tournament start.